Thursday, February 27, 2014

Musical Animal Mat - RM35


Postage RM7

Product Size: 70 x 30 cm
Product Description:
Learning education toys for babies (Senses, Thinking, Sport Ability, Linguistic)
5 types of sound ( Cow, Duck, Bird, Dog, Children)
Music/note switch key
10 different types of music

Suitable for 1 years above 
Batteries operated (not included)

Mini ATM Machine - RM45


Postage RM7
Product Description:
The Mini ATM with saving and withdraw money function.It is toy bank and as a great educational toy.Can be an excellent gift for children which help them cultivate the good habit of financial management.

Product Features:
* 100 High quality
* Automatically identify coin value
* Exquisite design with LCD screen,ABS material
* Time / date settings, display
* Storage and drawing money
* Saving audio, error alarm function
* Calculator function to facilitate the calculation of your expenses, etc
* Savings, increased capacity, storage will be more savings target set
* Withdrawals with a led light display
* Alarm clock settings prompt function
* be balance inquiries, withdrawals
* Password function and always change your password, do not worry your password leak
* Help you to save money,avoiding waste,help you form good habits of saving.

Shape Sorters Play Bench - RM30

Education toys for kids


Postage RM7

The best for baby!
Lovely & colorful
Stimulating children's imagination
Increase understanding & development
Instructive & interesting
Will help baby to develop manipulation skills along with colour and shape recognition.

Soccer Footbal Player - RM30


Dimension size : 36.7 x 35.5 x 6.3 cm
Postage RM7

Indoor table game toys,do sport indoors even in hot summer days.
Play a soccer match with your friends or yourself.
Excellent table football play set--Yellow team Vs Blue team,play matches in table by controlling pole under the football field

Ice Hockey - RM30


COD Putrajaya area

Size: 50 x 29 x 12 cm
Suitable for 3 years above
Postage RM7

Product Features:
1) Intellective toys for kids.
2) Bright colors and funny fittings.
3) Tests your skills for passes
4) Great tabletop sports fun for sports fans of all ages
5) The perfect supplies for your tailgating, Bowl game or sports 
6) Real life action
7) 2 player handheld finger game
8) Intense concentration, skill and coordination
9) Encourages concentration and hand-eye coordination.

Magnetic Learning Case - RM35

Drawing Board Case 2 in 1 (ABC+ 123)


Box Size: 35 x 30 x 5 cm

57 Pieces includes:
26 Magnetic letters
20 Magnetic numbers
6 Magnetic symbols
1 Dry-erase board
1 Dry-erase marker
2 Board holders
1 Eraser

Letter recognition
Basic Math skill
Compact and portable
Easy to set up & store
Mess-free learning fun

Postage RM7

Set Memanah @ Archery Set - RM55


Rasulullah SAW juga sentiasa menunjukkan contoh terbaik kepada sahabat dalam soal ibadah mahupun perkara membabitkan kehidupan seharian. Contohnya, Baginda pernah menyertai sahabat yang bermain anak panah sebagai aktiviti riadah.
Bersabda Rasulullah SAW, “Kamu harus belajar memanah kerana memanah itu termasuk sebaik-baik permainanmu.” (Riwayat Bazzar, dan Thabarani)

Jadikan memanah sebagai amalan untuk anak-anak kita

Brand new, ready stock
With infrared for better accuracy
Comes with 4 suction cup arrows and a sturdy
quiver to hold your bow and arrow
Archery Target is not included
Bow measures 32"
Arrows measure 23"
Suitable for : ages 3 and above

Postage RM10