Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mini ATM Machine - RM45


Postage RM7
Product Description:
The Mini ATM with saving and withdraw money function.It is toy bank and as a great educational toy.Can be an excellent gift for children which help them cultivate the good habit of financial management.

Product Features:
* 100 High quality
* Automatically identify coin value
* Exquisite design with LCD screen,ABS material
* Time / date settings, display
* Storage and drawing money
* Saving audio, error alarm function
* Calculator function to facilitate the calculation of your expenses, etc
* Savings, increased capacity, storage will be more savings target set
* Withdrawals with a led light display
* Alarm clock settings prompt function
* be balance inquiries, withdrawals
* Password function and always change your password, do not worry your password leak
* Help you to save money,avoiding waste,help you form good habits of saving.

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